Most people have very little experience with the criminal justice system. Whatever the circumstances are that led to your being arrested, you need a skilled professional working on your case. Matt Taylor spent over 23 years as a police officer, he knows what officers look for, he knows how they write reports and how they decide to make arrests. Since 2005, Matt has prosecuted criminal cases for local municipalities, and he knows how prosecutors build their cases and frame their arguments. Matt Taylor is the Village Prosecutor representing the Village of Palatine in their traffic and ordinance violations which are heard in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Third District courthouse in Rolling Meadows.

traffic stopIf you have been arrested and face criminal charges, time is very short. You need to make good decisions as soon as you find yourself under arrest. Contacting Matt Taylor is one of the first good decisions you can make. Even though you may have several weeks before you are due in court, there are a vital steps you need to take, as soon as possible, on the way to the successful defense of your case.

A criminal trial can be a very intimidating experience. Having someone who has experience as a police officer, a prosecutor and a defense attorney can help ease some of your anxieties. M. J. Taylor Law, LLC has successfully defended clients facing various misdemeanor traffic charges, local ordinance violations, and order of protection violations. No outcome is guaranteed, but Matt will doggedly pursue the best defense for your case.